Welcome to T. Cole Photos! 

Nature and Wildlife Photography are the specialties here at T. Cole Photos.  An occasional Plane, Skyline, Bridge, Building etc. might show up here, but most photos will be of Birds, Plants, Trees, Scenic Views or Critters of any Kind.  Enjoy the slide show of New Additions above or select one of the featured Galleries below to view it's contents.

Please Note: When you place an order for prints you will have the opportunity to crop them.  Different print sizes require different cropping.  Prints that do not have a 2:3 ratio (such as 4x5, 8x10, etc.) will result in either a white space or part of the picture being cropped off.  Cropping should be verified for each print ordered.  This can be done by clicking the "adjust Crop" link under each photo listed in the shopping cart.  The adjust crop link will allow for zooming and cropping.  If there is white space inside the red crop box, then there will be white space on the print!


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